Regional Flatbed Driver

How to build your trucker base

02.02.2020 // by Jessica Fischer

How to scale your driver base to match your business growth. By leveraging technology and overseas support, we'll teach you all the tricks of the trade to yield high growth for your business.

At it's core, there are 3 basic building blocks of running a successful trucking operation:

1. Drivers

2. Assets

3. Customers

Everything else is just peripheral. Thus, as you're scaling your business, it's important that the rate you go about hiring drivers matches the rate you go about purchasing or leasing assets (i.e. your trucks, trailers, etc), which, in turn, should match your overall customer demand. In other words, don't buy a truck if you don't have a driver to sit in it. Likewise, don't overcommit to customers if you don't have a truck (& driver) to deliver on your promise. As you can see, drivers are the foundation of any trucking operation. As such, it is imperative that you have a full proof plan of securing drivers as you scale.

With any good business, it's important you have a method in place to ensure